Coldfire Emulator

This is a Motorola Coldfire Emulator

The latest version is 0.3.1

Things to note:
  • It boots uClinux! Get binaries from The uClinux coldfire binary download page.
  • I made a quick howto to make it run, for those unfamiliar with a coldfire chip and who just want to make Linux run on Linux. :)
  • A quick howto to build a cross compiler
  • It is GPL'ed
  • Use at own risk
  • It is written on linux, so will probably work the best on linux
  • It will compile on windows using the Cygwin compiler.
  • ECE354 and ECE222 students at U of Waterloo: Start it with 'coldfire --board boards/cjdesign-5307.board' to get the emulator to load the board layout that matches the coldfires in our labs.
Things it can do:
  • What can't it do? Use KitchenSync (Plug for KDE, eventhough I'm an FVWM person) for the rest.
  • Seriously, just about everything in the ColdFire 5206 chip and on the eval board now.
  • Support is being added for the 5206e/5307 processor, and even more board layouts. Umm.. where 'even more' is defined as being greater than one.
When the emulator starts, it will print two TCP port numbers.
These correspond to serial port 1 and 2, telnet to these ports if you want to see output.